1 What are DSL’s Office Hours?

DSL’s office is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. Our service department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our on call service technicians.

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2 How does DSL charge for travel time?

DSL charges for travel as a flat rate charge for each city and town in Western Canada. This is based on travel time and distance to each location. This flat rate method allows DSL to quote a service call price that includes getting our technician to the site.

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3 What is preventative maintenance? Why does my equipment need it?

Preventative maintenance is a program offered by DSL that proactively services your equipment to identify potential issues and ensure your equipment is operating at peak performance.

Just as you periodically take your car in for tune up to avoid costly repairs, preventative maintenance can reduce reactive maintenance costs, extend the life of your unit, and ensure product consistency and quality.

Contact us at 1-800-665-1125 for more information regarding our preventative maintenance programs, or book a service call today.

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4 Why should I choose DSL for my repairs? Can’t my local repairman do it?

DSL has over 70 factory trained technicians that specialize in the service, maintenance, and installation of our equipment. Each truck in our fleet of nearly 100 vehicles is stocked with over $30,000 worth of manufacturer recommended parts that are replenished weekly.

DSL also guarantees its service for 30 days from the date of repair, and all parts, excluding wearable items, feature an extended parts replacement coverage of a minimum of 90 days, even if the equipment is past its original warranty period.

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5 Does DSL service other equipment?

DSL technicians are uniquely equipped and trained to service all models of Taylor, Henny Penny, Franke, Delfield, and Flavour Burst equipment. We are also trained on certain models of drink and ice dispensers.

For equipment we do not specialize in, we suggest checking with your manufacturer for recommended service agents.

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6 I need to order parts, how can I?

Call us at 1-800-665-1125 or email parts@dslinc.com to place your order today.

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7 What if I need additional support on my service request?

After requesting service online or at 1.800.665.1125, you will receive a service request number. If required, contact DSL's service department and request an escalation on your service request. Reasons for an escalation can include a missed appointment, multiple visits with no resolution, or if an expedited repair date is required. Upon requesting an escalation, a DSL manager will contact you to confirm your escalation request and gather more information if required. On resolution of your service request, you will receive an email notification for the associated request number.

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Remarkable and Reliable.

“The Henny Penny oven has assisted us quite a bit in providing our products. It’s so multi-functional, and easy to use. You could put a blindfold on and it would still be easy to work with.” 

Rene Owner​ | Orange Market